Successful Email Acquisition With Facebook

Successful Email Acquisition With Facebook

Oceana hired Inbound Zombie to develop an email acquision strategy and increase their Facebook fanbase. They had close to 10,000 fans but felt that they weren’t utilizing Facebook Page to its fullest potential.

Going With The Flow

Soon after we started working together, BP effed up the Gulf Coast with an oil spill. This meants responding to discussions their constituants were having, rather than having conversations about how cute Sea Turtles are.


Having email acquisition as a primary goal, the Oceana Facebook team developed a strategy to engage with connections of their Facebook Page with the following expectations in mind:

  • Increased engagement would lead to increased acquisition.
  • Creating lively discussions on their wall would allow connections to share Oceana with their friends.
  • An increase in Page activity would also impact fan growth.

A long-term vision of building a vibrant community was an important component of this strategy.


We didn’t want to push an email acquisition strategy with current Facebook Page connections and risk alienating them for good. So we proceeded with consistency and sensitivity.

During the sixty day campaign period, a number of tactics were employed with this strategy in mind:

  • Embedded Facebook sharing into the petition process. The Stop The Drill Facebook Tab was customized so that the user was prompted to share the petition with their friends right after they signed the petition.
  • Conducted a live chat on June 3rd – during President Obama’s appearance on Larry King. The Facebook’s wall and Twitter were the primary places supporters commented on Obama’s appearance. The discussion for this event received 72 posts.
  • Actively updated fans on the latest Oceana blog posts and news regarding the oil spill.
  • Posted thought-provoking questions for fans to respond to. For example, “How has the BP oil spill personally effected you?”
  • Tagged and praised related organizations. This created greater exposure for Oceana – particularly on Pages that have many more fans. One June 30th, the National Wildlife Federation was tagged on the Page. That update received one of the highest feedback scores. 90 new fans also joined the Page on that day.
  • Pulled select tweets from Jackie Savitz and posted them on the Facebook Page wall.
  • Set up a private group for fans interested in taking a lead role in promoting the petition.
  • Praised and acknowledged fans.


  • 5,002 Emails Acquired From Facebook
  • 4,277 New Facebook Page Connections (from 9,824 – 14,101) during this period – a 56% increase. This was due in part by the increased engagement on the Page as shown in this chart:
  • Traffic from Facebook to Oceana’s website increased 764%


One of the biggest assets an organization has is the supporters. Oceana now needs to strategize on how to continue to develop the relationships they fostered during this campaign.

How could we have improved our results with Oceana?