Turn more website visitors into donors and volunteers

Your website is more than a place on the web with pictures, text and a donate button.

It’s where you share stories that move hearts and inspire action!

But your website is also a tool to increase your revenue, grow your email list, and attract throngs of people who already care about your cause. If your website isn’t doing this, you are in serious trouble.

Does your website really reflect the heart of your organization?

Regardless of the success of Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites, people still visit your website to help determine how much they’ll support, if they do at all.

This is why you need:

  • A website built around your goals and your supporters (not the other way around).
  • Features that are integrated with your current donation platform.
  • Additional features like event registration and management.
  • A website optimized for search engines.
  • A responsive design for iPads, iPhones, Androids, etc.
  • A user friendly back-end – no HTML knowledge.
  • Comprehensive live training with video tutorials.

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Our Website Building Process

• Plan: We’ll begin with discussing the goals of the site, structure, functionality and design.

• Design: We then present you with a couple of designs based on what we’ve discussed during the planning stage..

• Build: We then build the site on a private server that only you can access (this allows you to see your site “in the flesh” as we’re building it). We also start importing content and adding any custom features.

• Revise: During this stage, we work on revising site layout and design based on slight refinements you’d like to see. In our experience, seeing the website in the flesh often helps everyone work even harder to create an amazing website.

• Train: During a 90-minute online training session, we’ll teach you how to add and edit content, administrate the site, and manage any custom functionality. Your website dashboard will also include over 20 video tutorials.

• Launch: Finally, we migrate the site from the private server to a public server for the world to see! 30 days of email support begin after launch.

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