Why I love the work I do

I started working with nonprofits about six years ago when my life came to a very common crossroads for many people.

Spending 11 years in sales and marketing at for-profits (marketing, media, software) didn’t feel as fulfilling as I thought it would.

I learned that money can buy you a beautiful brass bed, but it can’t buy you a peaceful night’s sleep. And it certainly can’t put a dent in the world’s inequity, stupidity and injustice.

Around this same time, I started asking the hard questions:

“How can I contribute lasting value on this planet? What makes me happy? And how can I be a real hero to my son?”

Asking these questions again and again, caused me to reach a flashpoint. I had to do good in the world.

So I started using my marketing experience, tech knowledge, and creativity to answer the same question you might have:

“How can we raise more money and engage our community with new media?”

But I’m not just a guy who decided to hang up a marketing shingle. I’m the “real deal”:

I will be your Rocket Launcher:

I will be your Obsessed Creative:

  • Business builder – 15 years experience in corporate sales and marketing. Watch this video to see why my corporate experience is critical.
  • Artist – Yes, you want someone creative on your side. Someone who can blend together previously unrelated ideas, passions, and tools.
  • Bricklayer – Together, we will decide, which steps to take first. In time, world-domination will be within reach.
  • Travel guide – Have you lost your way online? Let’s dig out the map and find out where you’re headed. “Ok. From here, you want to be doing this.”
  • I am a parent – This one is very important: I have an investment in the future that you are creating.

If you’re interested in chatting more, let’s make time.